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Heart Facial Massager

Heart Facial Massager

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This facial massager can be used for face & body slimming, lifting & firming, nutrition absorption, and acupoint massage.  The curved design is used to massage and help relieve soreness and remove facial wrinkles.

Multifunction Light Wave Care

How to Use

1. Apply skin care products on the face, eye area, cheeks, chin and other parts at an average pace. Then choose the mode according to individual needs.
2. Click on acupoints to relieve muscle tightness.
3. Fit the facial skin, lift it from bottom to top, and shape it in three dimensions.

Product Cleaning:
1. Press the power key for a long time to shut down.
2. Wipe the product with a cleaning cloth. Please do not use detergent.
3. Dry in a dry and ventilated place.


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